Thursday, 26 January 2012

The Cairngorms is the place to be...

Ok so maybe the previous 2 years we've been a little spoilt with the snow conditions up here in Cairngorm, but there's still some lovely skiing conditions at the top of the hill perfect for beginner and intermediate skiers. There's 5 of us DSUK Adaptive Instructors up here in Cairngorm and we are all eager to teach as many lessons as possible this season and share our love of the mountains. (If you can ski up here in Scotland you can ski anywhere in the world....FACT!!) The snow has been gradually filling in the heather gaps on the hill and there's still a whole load of people up here keeping the faith for that elusive MASSIVE SNOW DUMP that we feel as hardcore scottish skiers we deserve. (Everyone do the snow dance)
Check out the photo below taken today from inside the funicular train to the top...Who wouldn't want to come hang out up here with us. Stunning.
Laura xxx
Adaptive Instructor

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  1. The Cairngorms mountain is really the place to be. It is very beautiful and offers a lot of adventurous activities to do. It is perfect for a family holiday or such with friends.