Tuesday, 15 October 2013

Still got Last Year's DSUK Yearbook? Help spread the word!

Go on, admit it, you've still got last year's DSUK yearbook knocking around. It's either somewhere under that pile of letters on your desk that you WILL get round to answering, or hiding next to that 3 year old Avon catalogue underneath the coffee table!

If that is the case and you've finished reading it, then why not donate it to your local Doctors, Opticians, Dentist surgery or Physio? Or any other place you can think of that has ancient magazines advertising the likes of the world's first mobile phone and tickets to the 1948 London Olympics!

It will help spread the word about your favourite charity (of course it's DSUK!) and also doesn't cost you a single penny or much time at all. Plus, it clears up the pile of magazines under your coffee table and it may well get you round to answering that mail that it's buried under!

Let us know where our yearbook ends up and we'll give you a thanks and mention on our social media sites!

Get sharing!

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