Wednesday, 22 February 2012

Steve Challen...!

Here I am on my first red run in France during my first week with my mono-ski. Prior to this I took 4 lessons with Disability Snowsports UK at the MK Snowzone.....I could not have got started without their support and great instruction. I absolutely loved mono from day one and the potential freedom that it offered me back out on the slopes following my long-term illness, Chronic Fatigue / ME. And as you will see, progress can be pretty swift on one of these devices! I would encourage anyone to look up their local DSUK club ( and have a go at mono or bi-ski......young, old, fit or unfit, on gentle slopes there is very little effort required, and if you get out on steeper slopes like this it is a real blast .......even if I did fall over quite a few times, but hey that is why you take a buddy with you to pull you back up again! Enjoy :-)
ps... St Jean D'Aulps is a lovely friendly family orientated resort close in the northern most part of the French Alps, about 1.5hrs from Geneva airport.....look it up too

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